Your startup began as the seed of an idea, and you're working hard to see it come to fruition. You have the passion, drive, dedication, and more. But those things don't pay the bills, and you're often left to chart unknown territory without a CFO by your side.


SUM is your growth partner, guiding you through the ups and downs that come with building a startup into a thriving enterprise, (e.g., payroll, worker’s comp, hiring, disability).

You can’t do it all, so leave the day-to-day operations with our team and focus on the needs of tomorrow. We'll take a look at where you're at and design a plan to move you forward. That could mean developing a budget or ensuring you hire the right people. We can take over where you left off or serve as your go-to accounting experts on a rolling basis.


Let us think about what needs to happen down the road with your finances while you put your passion into action.