Our Process


We assess, design, implement and manage accounting solutions for startups and established growing businesses alike, and have specialists who focus on international business and nonprofits. Our team will design a customized solution to identify ways to save you money, improve your bottom line and get your business to the next stage of development. As an accounting consulting firm, we focus on delivering outcomes aligned with the diverse needs of your short and long-term objectives through a full-service, customized approach.

SUM Process

Our Key Services


Outsourced Accounting Department

We build a custom package of CFO, Controller, and Bookkeeping services to relieve your burden of managing the day-to-day accounting.


Talent Acquisition
& Recruiting

Sometimes, outsourcing isn't the right choice. Instead, your success is a matter of hiring the right people to join your internal accounting team. 


Accounting Technology & Training

SUM Innovation is a leader in accounting technology and can get you ahead of the curve by selecting the right accounting solutions for your business.


From complex inventory to multiple entities, with every kind of report in-between, SUM Innovation is known for tackling the toughest accounting jobs! And when bad data has got you down or the whole system needs an overhaul, we're ready to tackle the beast.


After we've built a solid foundation, we're ready to position you for growth.  We take pride in being part of your team — supporting you with everything from forecasting and budgeting to reporting and compliance. Plus, we’re always looking for ways to keep your business technologically competitive by integrating new #AccTech solutions into the workflow.

SUM Innovation and everyone at the company are such lifesavers. They make sure my books are immaculate and everyone is so professional, knowledgeable, friendly and courteous. Now that I’m a client, I can’t imagine life or business without them.
— Fred D., Legal Quest Inc.

Talent Acquisition & Recruitment

Understandably, many companies are reluctant to outsource as critical and sensitive a function as recruitment — especially when it comes to hiring finance and accounting professionals. You want to make sure you're handing over your sensitive data to people you can trust!

At SUM, we're dedicated to applying the same level of careful screening to your candidates that we do to our own. Our recruiting team has over 20 years of experience matching
the right people to the right jobs in the right culture.


Why hire us to hire accountants?

We're in the accounting business! We know the industry's nuances, because it's what we do! 
We care about the quality of talent in this profession and we know that having great finance & accounting talent will help a business grow.

We have a background in workforce planning and building accounting teams. We've even been recognized by the New York City Workforce Development Community for our program's excellence. From proprietary testing and skills-based assessments to comprehensive in-depth interviews, our hiring standards extend far beyond industry expectations.

With a keen focus on corporate culture and values, we ensure that
the person you hire really fits your business.


Accounting Technology & Training

We have more than 15 years of experience in providing accounting training and technology services to our clients. Though we started back in 2004 by simply training bookkeepers, in recent years we recognized the significant impact technology was having on the industry. As a result, we deepened our knowledge of cloud accounting solutions and brought on team members dedicated to the art of #ZeroDataEntry.

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Don't see your app?

No worries! We have experience with software solutions across industries for businesses large and small, with everything from complex inventory systems to integrated CRMs, and everything in-between.  Our goal is to help you navigate this ecosystem and decide which applications can help you to meet your business' growth needs.

“The training I received was valuable; and depending on how our ongoing needs look, you can be sure that we’ll come back to you if we’re looking for more help.”
— LoveBug

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