Growing Businesses

A growing business can be both a blessing and a curse. Rapid growth means more money, but it can cause bottlenecks if you’re unprepared. Often, companies must decide whether to hire on extra staff or outsource. Finding the right business consultant or full-time staff member can be a challenge.

We can help you figure out what to do with your money, optimize your cash flow, oversee back-office management, coordinate with a CPA for tax filing and planning, and restructure your systems for maximum efficiency. Finding the right way to implement new systems can make or break your growth.


Born from a passion for making a difference in the world, nonprofits come with their own set of challenges. And often, the biggest challenge of all is properly maintaining strong finance and accounting systems.

Analyzing systems and developing a road map to ensure you’re prepared for your yearly audit makes a big difference when it comes to gaining trust. We can work directly with your board treasurer to get systems in place that will secure your nonprofit’s financial accountability. And if you’re restructuring, we can dive into your books to ensure you start your next chapter fiscally sound.

Nonprofits are built and managed by a group of volunteers — who often have outside responsibilities and limited time. And while board members share in the nonprofit’s passion, they don’t always have the expertise and time to help. Whether we’re coaching you through the process or managing your books for you, we’ll make sure your stakeholders are well-informed so you can focus on solving the world's biggest challenges!

International Businesses

Download "Your International Checklist for Setting Up Shop in the United States" whitepaper to find out more information.

When it comes to working with U.S.-bound international businesses, there are additional barriers to a smooth, successful entry. Navigating new tax and legal systems, dealing with payroll nuances, and understanding U.S. sales tax are just the beginning. As you acquire new customers and develop your product, you must also face cultural differences. One misstep can cause serious injury, which is why we frame our support under the structure of the three C's: capital, customers, and culture.


Our consultation services can help you pick a plan of action, and we’ll help you implement a proper accounting structure.  We'll also work with your finance team abroad to ensure our work aligns with other related entities or parent companies, making reporting as seamless as possible. We'll ensure you're complying with U.S. GAAP regulations, and we can help you hire a financial team to keep you on track.


Your startup began as the seed of an idea, and you're working hard to see it come to fruition. You have the passion, drive, dedication, and more. But those things don't pay the bills, and you're often left to chart unknown territory without a CFO by your side.


SUM is your growth partner, guiding you through the ups and downs that come with building a startup into a thriving enterprise, (e.g., payroll, worker’s comp, hiring, disability).

You can’t do it all, so leave the day-to-day operations with our team and focus on the needs of tomorrow. We'll take a look at where you're at and design a plan to move you forward. That could mean developing a budget or ensuring you hire the right people. We can take over where you left off or serve as your go-to accounting experts on a rolling basis.


Let us think about what needs to happen down the road with your finances while you put your passion into action.

Financial Services & Broker Dealers

You won't be a small fish in a big pond when you choose to work with us. Our broker-dealer services allow you to combine full outsourced accounting back-office services with FinOp services into a single package that gives your company end-to-end accounting.


From a security standpoint, it's smarter to hire a team — especially when you're dealing with something as crucial as proper compliance. After all, you'll feel the effects of a mishandled quarterly report. Our support staff will help to decrease the risks of managing compliance.


No matter the size of your firm, we tailor all of our services to meet your individual needs. And as your firm changes, we expand our services to grow with you. From assisting with audits or FINRA inquiries to fulfilling Series 27 requirements to filing FOCUS and SSOI, we're here for you.

Stablished Businesses

You're an established business owner. This isn't your first rodeo. But there comes a point when you’re ready to let go of certain aspects of your business so you can prepare for the next phase. At SUM, we dive deep into your specific challenges and pain points. We can assist you with growth strategy, better business analytics, and more refined accounting practices.


And if you’re looking at expanding into new markets or making major investments, we’ll conduct a cost-benefit analysis and re-engineer your accounting and back-office processes to keep you on track toward those goals. 

Let's work together to get to the next chapter of your business's trajectory, whatever that may mean.