Are you micromanaging your nickels and dimes? For many business leaders, financial health means controlling where every penny goes. But doing so eats away at your time — not to mention your patience. At SUM, we leverage our expertise and great accounting systems to ensure your dollars are taken care of.

Controller services at SUM go beyond proper recordkeeping and include oversight and management reporting. Our dedicated team can work with your company to implement proper checks and balances to make sure everything is running as it should be.

Here are some of the ways in which we have assisted our clients in the past.

  • Setting up accounting and POS systems.

  • Coordinating with CPAs on tax filings.

  • AR and AP.

  • Adjusting inventory.

  • Processing payroll.

  • Prepping for an audit.

  • Reviewing monthly transactions, closing out each month, and building reports for management.

  • And more!


Are you ready to chat about how our dedicated team can provide a full package of controller services? Schedule a discovery call today so we can discuss your company's current pain points, goals, and how we can help you grow.