At SUM, our CFO consulting services are designed to be a launching pad for company growth. By outsourcing these financial management functions, we'll help you to navigate everything from a cash crunch to an exit strategy like an old pro. We put a keen emphasis on the use of technology to improve efficiency and accuracy. We're big-picture thinkers, meaning we'll make sure that you're not only on track to meet today's goals, but also to future-proof your business for tomorrow.

Outsourced CFO Services — If you're looking to establish a long-term CFO relationship (typically for one year or longer) but don't require full-time services, you might consider outsourcing CFO duties and responsibilities.

Interim CFO Services — If you just lost your CFO and need a temporary service while you shop around for a replacement, consider an interim contract. (Want help finding your next CFO? Check out our staffing and recruitment page <link to "staffing and recruitment" page>!)

CFO Consulting Services — If you need help with a single project and/or client, consulting services are your best bet. We can help you implement a new chart of account in conjunction with a new accounting platform or implement a managerial accounting process.

Here are just a few ways in which we've helped clients in the past:

  • Ongoing financial operations consulting.

  • Analyzing business divisions or products.

  • Back-office management and oversight.

  • Maintaining financial administration policies and procedures.

  • Establishing and monitoring financial performance metrics.

  • Selecting, transitioning, and integrating software.

  • Reviewing and maintaining backup and security protocols.

  • Coordinating with CPAs on tax filing and planning.

  • And more!

 Are you ready to chat about how our dedicated team can take over your financial management functions? Schedule a discovery call today so we can discuss your company's current pain points, goals, and how we can help you grow.